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Aesthetic Dentistry: Give Your Smile a Makeover!

Your outer smile should reflect the inner you.

Do you find yourself resisting the urge to smile? When a smile does break through, do you quickly put your hand up to hide it from view?

It feels awful to go through life lacking the confidence to smile, to fight back happiness, or cover your face to avoid the embarrassment of dental imperfections:

If you suffer from any of these dental problems, we have great news! We can give you or your loved one the gift of a beautiful new smile through the art and modern science of aesthetic dentistry (or esthetic dentistry).

What is aesthetic dentistry?

Also known as “cosmetic dentistry,” aesthetic dentistry is a broad set of treatment options that can range from one small change to a comprehensive smile makeover.

Teeth Whitening

Stains from long-term smoking, tea, or coffee drinking, or simply the natural discoloration that comes with age, is a common reason many may feel self-conscious regarding their smile. Professional teeth whitening is a cost effective and non-invasive way to fully restore your teeth from their former lack of luster due to stains.

Reversing the Signs of Aging with Veneers

The appearance of front teeth riddled with imperfections like dark spots, chips and fractures can be fully restored with porcelain veneers. Veneers are simply thin coverings that are permanently bonded to your front teeth, providing a beautiful straight edge, smooth surface and ideal color.

Replacing Missing Teeth

There are several options to replace missing teeth, any of which can be an effective cosmetic option.

What aesthetic dentistry options are best for me?

It is important that you are presented all treatment options so that you can make the best informed decision as possible!

Let us help you. We will discuss a number of factors including your unique dental frustrations, comfort level with each procedure, and budget, all of which we will go over in your initial consultation.

You will be presented with a truly comprehensive set of treatment options at Harbor Point Dentistry so you can make an informed decision. We look forward to discussing the exciting approaches we can take to restore your smile so it’s a true reflection and representation of the person you truly are!

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