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Emergency Appointments: Around-the-Clock Care

We’re here for you. Call 843-706-9662 now.

When you’re experiencing a dental emergency, you don’t want to speak to a voicemail greeting. You want help from a real person.

That’s what you’ll get when you call Harbor Point Dentistry, any time of day, any day of the week.

Whatever your emergency.

You can call us at 843.706.9662 at any time if you have an urgent need:

A representative will take your call right away!

Become a Patient of Record Today

Harbor Point patients of record are people we already know from previous consultations. We are aware of their health history, allergies, preferences, emergency contacts and more.

If you are not currently experiencing a dental emergency, we strongly recommend you become a patient of record with us before you are in an urgent situation.

While we act as quickly as possible to address all emergencies, we can act much quicker when we already know you and your unique needs.

Make your appointment with us today!

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