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Basic Restorative Dentistry: Fillings and Cavity Control

Restoring the health and beauty of your natural teeth.

The pain may be constant, it may come and go, or there may be no warning sign that you have a bacterial infection in your tooth that has caused a cavity.

Whether or not they are causing your discomfort, cavities must be addressed.

Why are cavities a problem if I’m not in pain?

Without intervention, the infection causing the cavity in your enamel (the outer layer) and dentin (the intermediate layer) can spread to the pulp in the root, which holds the nerve endings.

At that point, you are far more likely to be in pain and a more serious intervention - a root canal treatment if the tooth can be saved, or an extraction if it can’t - is needed.

This can be prevented with basic restorative dentistry.

What is basic restorative dentistry?

Basic restoration is about utilizing routine procedures to restore natural teeth back to health and ideal appearance before advanced restoration (replacing the tooth) is needed.


When you have cavities, the top priority is to clear out the bacterial infection and fill the cavities. We do this with a tooth-colored resin that resembles natural enamel.


After years of natural discoloration and stains from coffee or smoking, you may also wish to restore your teeth to their ideal color through professional whitening.


The appearance and integrity of teeth that are aesthetically damaged (chipped, cracked, etc.) can be restored by bonding crowns or veneers to the enamel.

Get Ready to Celebrate Being Cavity-Free!

At Harbor Point Dentistry, we don’t think getting a filling should feel “routine.” It should feel fantastic! We look forward to celebrating with you when you get up from the chair cavity-free, or with your smile restored to better reflect who you are inside.

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