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Implants: Long-Lasting, Attractive Tooth Replacement

Missing teeth? There are options.

You may be thinking of missing teeth as only a cosmetic issue, but gaps can cause you significant discomfort and detriment over time.

Your quality of life depends on chewing properly. Missing teeth may result in:

A dental implant restoration (restoring your smile and function) may be the ideal solution to prevent discomfort or frustration with a denture or partial. There are many financial plans and options to give you a naturally functioning and attractive smile!

What’s a dental implant?

An implant is a new tooth implanted into the jawbone, securely rooted just like natural teeth are. They may be the ideal solution for replacing your missing teeth and/or securing your dentures.

Implants are dependable.

The body that replaces the missing root is made of titanium, an extremely durable metal. As it is highly bio-compatible, even those with metal allergies are excellent candidates for this option.

Implants can appear and function like natural teeth.

The porcelain crown is customized to a select shade and shaped like a natural tooth. They are so convincing that your secret is safe with us!

Implants can also secure your denture.

A traditional denture or partial can shift when there is no suitable anchor tooth to provide retention. An implant can be the suitable anchor your appliance needs to stay securely in place.

Are dental implants right for me?

Implants are designed to last a lifetime with your dentist’s planning and proper care. It is one of many options for a missing tooth or a tooth that must be removed.

We practice and provide compassionate dentistry at Harbor Point Dentistry. Your comfort, acknowledgement, and discussion of all treatment options is our top priority. It’s what sets us apart to provide you top tier service within the dental community!

If you choose to pursue an implant restoration as your treatment option, rest assured that your experience will be easy, relaxing, and worry-free as possible!

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